Courtney VonGunten


Ruoff Mortgage

234 Frederica Street Owensboro, KY 42301

Working as a Senior Loan Officer at Ruoff is a dream job – because I get to help my clients fulfill their dreams! I work hard to help my customers through the loan process with as little stress as possible, and I enjoy seeing the smiles on my customers’ faces when they close on their new home. Our loan process at Ruoff is second to none. Our speed, collaboration, and commitment to technology are the best in the industry. And when the loan process draws to a close, knowing that my customer is happy makes my whole job worthwhile!

I’m driven to succeed because of the people I care about. That includes my clients as well as my family. I wouldn’t trade my family for a million dollars. Every day I get up and come to work knowing that I’m providing for my son, Maddox. That’s a wonderful and humbling thought.

My family has seen me through the highs and lows of life and we’ve always gotten through by overcoming life’s changes together. There’s only one thing about my life that I would change…my lack of superpowers. I’d love to have the superpower of blinking. *Blink* and my house is clean, *Blink* and my hair is done. Can anyone teach me that?